Live and mobile site

Live and mobile site

The security of an online casino also concerns its live casino where you play live and its mobile reality, be it an app or a version of the site optimized for mobile devices: in both cases the portal must ensure an advanced technological infrastructure capable of protecting online activities w888 บาคาร่า

In short, the security of online casinos is evaluated by considering these key aspects, but the presence of an international license already in itself guarantees high standards in this regard , enough to be able to immediately consider the site in question as safe and can therefore be considered as the “minimum condition ” to play it safe w88โหลด

However, since the minimum is precisely the minimum, it is always much better to aim for the maximum: for this reason, at least for Italian players, the most effective advice that can be given is to always and only play in secure online casinos with the ADM license / AAMS , this is simply enough to play safely and responsibly every day.


The ADM / AAMS license is the only one capable of guaranteeing not only what has been listed above, but also the full legal protection of players in the event of any dispute arising against the online casino in which they are registered: a form of maximum security which is guaranteed directly by full compliance with the terms established by the Italian Government in terms of legal and authorized gaming.

However, licenses are not everything, because there is also the technology : apart from the licence, a fundamental aspect to consider is precisely the creation of the site itself, which must be based on all the latest technologies in terms of cryptographic software and for the protection of privacy of customers, whose personal data must always be safe.

A further level of security, but this is still being launched and not all online casinos offer it, is represented by cryptocurrencies : nowadays many sites support many of the most popular blockchain-based digital currencies, which in turn add a different form of protection in all economic transactions, so much so that some portals even find themselves offering special bonuses for anyone who makes a deposit (and in some cases also a withdrawal) in cryptocurrencies.