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There are a huge number of casino games available for all of us to play throughout the gambling life in which if it is played out of interest, then there should be very few for many people. Next to card games like baccarat and pokdeng, this game sic bo which is sometimes known as hi lo is one of the easier as well as popular dice game. If you want to give it a serious try, then make yourself available at ไฮโล and do your part in playing the game.

If you do not know more about this simple dice game, then we are here to help you on how does this game works and what you shall do to make it better. They are as follows,

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  • This game will have a simple setup in which there will be a table specially made for the players to make bets on various combinations. This is because a dice can give various outcomes and in here as there will be three dices rolled at once, there will be different possible combinations of the outcome. The player has to be more careful while betting on a specific combination as there will be various combinations available. As a beginner it is always good to go with a simple combination that will demand only small bets. Do not take risk and bet on a combination that has very less chances of winning.
  • This explanation is for people who wants to know what will happen in the process of this sic bo game both offline as well as online. In offline casinos or online casinos, there will be a dealer who will roll the dice on behalf of you. The specific dealer will have a glass jar in real or something similar to an enclosed object with the three dices inside. A nice shake will be given before the dices are rolled to give an outcome. Before the rolling of dice takes place, the bets on the combination of dices will be made by the players. If the rolled dice outcome equals the combination on which bet is made, then you win. If not then you lose the game. This game is so simple to try unless you have some good amount of money to invest on your bets. Play your favorite game hi lo here at ไฮโลออนไลน์ to earn some real money on winning.