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The rules of online lotteries are very similar to those for land lotteries, i.e. those that can usually be played in tobacconists and bars.

These we have just listed are among the most famous lotteries, although we can also talk about online instant lotteries on this page, such as Scratch & Win Online and other similar games. All of these lotteries have been able to be played online for many years หวยออนไลน์

However, you should also know that not all casino aams or sites offer this possibility, so we thought it well to list the sites where you can play the best online lotteries.

The best legal online lotteries


it is good to have an overview of this type of game. Lotteries are a very popular drawing game in the world, which have always fascinated hundreds of millions of players especially for the size of the prizes offered.

Lotteries, in fact, have very high prizes thanks to the fact that there are many people who play them. The origin of the lottery is very ancient and probably dates back to the period of the Roman Empire, when prize draws were organized during the festivities in honor of the God Saturn. These draw games are in many ways very similar to modern lotteries.

Subsequently, around 1500, lotteries developed in some Northern European countries with the aim of raising funds for religious works. Similarly, in Italy in 1735 a lottery was organized to raise money for the reclamation of the pintine marshes.

In a modern key, lotteries became popular in Italy starting in 1932 and spread even more after 1960, thanks to the Italian Lottery, still operating today. The common feature of all lotteries is that it takes a certain period of time to arrive at the drawing of the winning numbers .

The prizes, on the other hand, are proportional to the total money collected from all the bets made for that contest. Since the audience of a lottery is very large, it is very easy for lottery to offer very large prizes.