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There are three games that are famous for this name. The rules are different and also things used in these games are different. If you are confused about what bingo game you are playing you won’t be any more confused after reading this article.

Bingo Played with number printed ticket

In this game, players mark off the numbers after a number is drawn randomly by a caller.  The winner is the person who marks off all the numbers before everyone else. This is the game that is played in the British version. In the American version, the games are played differently, it is a game that is totally based on chance. The things used are similar but this player matches the number with different arrangements of cards.

Bingo is such an amazing game to play

Bingo Played With Just Cards

In this game of bingo, the dealer gives the player some cards with numbers written over them and places a similar card down facing in the center of the table. On a call, the dealer turns and discards the card. The winner is the person who just gets rid of all the cards before the other players. If no player was able to get rid of all the cards then the winner is decided by adding the ranks of the cards. It depends on what players agreed whether the lower score wins or the hire score wins after adding the ranks over the cards.

Bingo The Scrabble game

In this game, the player plays with the seven tiles. A player who creates a word using all the tiles wins 50 points.  This is a player just like scrabbles. So if you play a game using word tiles then you are playing this bingo game and not others which are played using the number cards.

More About This Game

This is a game of chance anyone with better luck can win this game. This is so interesting and has played for many years which helped it gain so much popularity over these years. As you know the numbers are drawn randomly anyone can win this game but this does not fade the joy of playing this game as it has so much fun when you play with friends. It is one of the best classic party games or the games that we have played in over schools and colleges when there was a free period.